VIRTUAL DRESS FITTING – How to Take Measurements

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Virtual Dress Fitting - How to measure yourself for a bespoke item of clothing.
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VIRTUAL DRESS FITTING – How to Take Measurements
VIRTUAL DRESS FITTING – How to Take Measurements

First, some helpful hints:

  • Measurements can be taken in cm or inches. Use a flexible tape measure or, if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string and measure it with a ruler.
  • You might need someone to help you!
  • When measuring around don’t try to ‘breathe in’ or pull the tape measure too tight, just a comfortably snug, accurate measurement is required. A bit extra will then be added on to the pattern for ‘ease’.
  • For the best fit it’s helpful to measure whilst wearing a ‘best’ bra similar to that which you might wear with the dress. This can make all the difference!
  • If you are ordering a long-length dress or skirt and are planning on wearing high heels with it, let us know! We will ask you to measure the skirt length required whilst wearing heels.


A breakdown of the measurements you may be asked for, and how to take them:


Height – Your full height

Bust – Measure around your bust level with the nipples

Underbust – Measure around your ribcage just below the bust

Waist - Your natural waist sits at the narrowest point on your torso; for many people this is around the bottom of the ribcage. Measure around this narrowest point.

Tummy – Some shapes and sizes will find their natural waist is very high on their torso; we may also ask for a tummy measurement which should be taken around the middle of the tummy, level with the navel.

Hips – Measure around your hips at the widest point, taking care that that tape measure  sits horizontally and does not ride up over your bottom.

Nape to waist – Measure from the bottom of the neck down the centre of your back to your Natural waist (the narrowest part)

Centre back to waist – The centre back is between the bottoms of the shoulder blades, a couple of inches above where your bra naturally sits; measure from this point to your Natural waist (the narrowest part)

Waist to hem - from the natural waist down the back to the point at which you would like the dress or skirt to end – just above or at the knee is often the most flattering length, depending on body shape

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